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IUC "Slow Finance" Summer Campus

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Annunziata, Costigliole d'Asti 21-22-23 June 2024

The International University College (IUC) Slow Finance Summer Campus wants to build understanding on complex and challenging issues related to the finance systems among young generations.

The purpose is to explore paths that participants can then follow in their future careers for the betterment of society as a whole and for personal growth. 

Cultural change for sustainable financial (and social) systems implementation will require visionary thinking, creativity and leadership to achieve the change of paradigm.

The Program

Guiding principles:

  • Leadership Development : Communication, critical reflection, action planning, and more…

  • Experiential Learning: Hands-on, collaborative, and participatory reflection process

  • Systemic Thinking: An interdisciplinary study of Financial Systems Sustainability


Activities includes seminars, work-in-group sessions as well as recreational activities and free time in order to stimulate dialogue and thinking among the participants and the speakers, all along the week. Participants – through lectures, discussions, design making, workshops, film, Q and A sessions with experts, site visits – will investigate financial sustainable systems with the understanding that truly sustainable solutions take into account not only the diversity/inclusion environment, but also the implicit social contract among people, company and public institutions.

The Melting Pot Dinner

All participants are asked to bring a piece of food that is traditional of the area. This food is shared during the first dinner. Participants are also asked to bring songs and music instruments. The Melting Pot Dinner is meant to be a moment of great fun as well as an opportunity to taste unusual food, to understand the importance of local traditions and values and to allow all participants to tune more easily with the others. Two Slow food presidia - 1. Carciofo di Costigliole and 2. Peperone quadrato di Costigliole - and other products of the local tradition will be shared by the participants.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the program, participants should have a solid, coherent understanding of Slow Finance Systems, and the related challenges faced by human communities at a global and a local level. Students will also have begun the important process of thinking critically about what we can do individually and collectively, and feel empowered to be themselves an agent for positive change.

Trips & Visits:

The Venue

Poderi Prunotto Fantolino, Langa Astigiana - Real Monferrato

The campus takes place in the inspiring location of the Poderi Prunotto Fantolino EcoCenter, in the Langhe Astigiane of Piedmont UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Strada Santa Radegonda 5-7, Mossione, Annunziata, Costigliole d'Asti, near Barbaresco and Alba. Poderi Prunotto Fantolino is managed by the Comunità LaudatoSì Francesco Fantolino, with the support of the International University College of Turin.

This old farmhouse has recently been refurbished to bring it in line with environmental concerns and is an ideal place to host the Summer Campus’ activities.

Slow Finance focuses academic research on "Good, Clean and Fair" finance, values ​​that Carlin Petrini identified for Slow Food, which Dario Casalini embraced for Slow Fiber.

The Lecturers

The Partners

IUC Slow Finance Summer Campus partners can be involved in one or more steps of the process, for instance to find candidates or to participate in the organization of the campus.

The IUC Slow Finance Summer Campus is  supported by:

and in collaboration with:

in partnership with

evolution of:

Special thank's to:


The Application

Applications for the IUC Slow Finance Summer Campus 2024 must be sent by email to by June 20, 2024. While there is no participation fee and accommodation is offered by the Campus partners, participants will share the cost of logistics and food. Participants will receive a certificate on request.

Presenting Slow Finance to the Papa Francesco June 20, 2024, Rome

Meeting with Papa Francesco - Matteo Basei Fantolino presenting Slow Finance
Scarica PDF • 114KB

Syllabus IUC-SF-Summer Campus 2024

Slow Finance - Matteo Basei Fantolino & L.A.P.O.s. Ai agent
Scarica PDF • 398KB

Slow Finance - Banks and Civil Economy and Political Economy
Scarica PDF • 345KB


Program of the IUC “Slow Finance” Summer Campus 2024
Scarica PDF • 3.15MB

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