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The IUC’s Gender Equality Plan (GEP) was formulated thanks to the contribution of the Administrative Officer, Dr. Silvia Quazzo, the College Director, Dr. Giuseppe Mastruzzo, and the Legal Clinics Coordinator, Prof. Ulrich Stege, who specifically deepened its aspects of migration and gender difference recognition. Following the IUC’s research tradition, particular attention was given to multiculturalism and the recognition of difference in an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspective. Furthermore, on the subject of gender equality and inclusion specific seminars are regularly offered with the aim of favouring the dissemination of these issues to an audience wider than just the IUC’s academic community.

Given the multidisciplinary approach of the working group and the collaboration between the scientific and administrative parts of the academic community, it was possible to carry out an open and in-depth discussion of the strategic objectives and individual implementation measures.Subsequently, the document was shared with the Academic Coordinator, Prof. Ugo Mattei, and then presented to the Faculty Council and the Board of Directors for final adoption in June 2022. 

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