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2024 CLEF Class


Zainab Juwara | IUC of Turin | International University College of Turin

Zainab Juwara

My name is Jainaba Juwara, born in 1994, in a small village called Jappeni in The Gambia.

From an early age, I have always been driven by my love for knowledge and a desire to provide a better life for me and my family. I graduated from the University of The Gambia with a degree in Economics (Cum Laude). Upon completion, I took a job teaching Science at Kotu Senior Secondary School. I also worked as a business analyst and as a graduate assistant at the University of The Gambia. I am a quiet person, who talks mostly when necessary - I believe because of my culture and religious background. Yet, education has earned me the ability to express myself anywhere and with anyone. I am also very sociable once I become comfortable in a space. I love to help people and give advice. I'm always willing to listen to and relate with others.

Andrea Greco | IUC of Turin | International University College of Turin

Andrea Greco

My name is Andrea Francesco Greco. I am 25 years old and I come from Modena, Italy. I graduated in law at the University of Trento with an interdisciplinary thesis in labour and commercial law about employee share ownership. I have also delved into the field of trade union law from a practical point of view through a curricular internship at UILTuCS (an Italian trade union) and my research interests include philosophy of law and legal historiography in addition to commercial and labour law. I am also a political activist. In Trento, I belong to an extra-institutional political party with anti-capitalist, intersectional feminist, and environmentalist positions, and I am one of the organisers of the provincial movement for the right to housing. I am convinced that without praxis theory is only metaphysics and without theory praxis is blind, so I believe that it is crucial to combine academic analysis with political

Manuela Cano | IUC of Turin | International University College of Turin

Manuela Cano

My name is Manuela Cano, I'm from Colombia and I studied Political Science with an emphasis on International Relations at ICESI University, located in the city of Cali. I have worked in governmental and non-governmental organizations, focused on improving governance in my territory since one of my great passions is contributing to sustainable economic, political and social development in my region. Also, I am passionate about law, I’ve worked in American Lawfirms and I actively work to promote justice. By studying the CLEF program at the IUC I seek to develop myself as a professional and directly approach the possibilities of financial development that can be found by studying the phenomena of global capitalism in a comprehensive manner, understanding the plurality of legal, financial and economic issues of our time.

Wakitola Chachu | IUC of Turin | International University College of Turin

Wakitola Chachu

Wakitola Chachu is an Ethiopian Corporate Lawyer. He holds an LL. B and LL.M degree from Ababa University School of Law, where he graduated with a Very Great Distinction or "Summa cum laude". Currently, he serves as the Regional Corporate Affairs Manager at Heineken Ethiopia Breweries SC. In addition to his corporate role, he is a passionate advocate for social change and has actively engaged in philanthropy. He is the founder and Board Secretary for DAAYYAA Generation Network, a local NGO working towards positive impact and development in Ethiopia. Prior to joining Heineken, he worked as the Corporate Affairs Manager at BGI Ethiopia (Groupe Castel). Before his tenure at BGI Ethiopia, he worked as a legal Associate at Mehrteab and Getu Advocates LLP (MLA), a leading corporate law firm in Ethiopia, and a member of the DLA Piper Africa Group. During his university years, he served as a paralegal at Addis Ababa University Centre for Human Rights and School of Law. In this capacity, he provided free legal aid services to disadvantaged and indigent groups in society. On a personal level, he considers himself passionate about reading and nature, showcasing his interests beyond his professional and philanthropic endeavors.

Tayyab Mansoor.png

Tayyab Mansoor

I am Muhammad Tayyab from Pakistan. I graduated in law at university of Gujrat with a thesis on the Awareness of Alternative Dispute Resolution towards the general public. After the completion of my studies, I started practicing law in criminology, then moving towards the other legal fields, such as civil and family law. I am now working as a legal associate in the Sarfaraz Law firm. In addition to this, I am a passionate advocate for the welfare of society, and I believe that studying at the IUC will definitely enhance my ability on this front.

Brook Kebede.jpg

Brook Kebede Abebe

Brook Kebede Abebe as worked as a Human Rights Monitor for UNOHCHR-EARO, as a focal person for the European Center for Electoral Support (ECES), and as a Lecturer of Laws at the University of Gondar, School of Law (Ethiopia). He is a licensed First Class Attorney at law in the Federal and Amhara regional courts in Ethiopia, and has published several articles in reputed academic journals in the areas of human rights law, the African human rights system, and human rights and business.

Lucius Anderson.jpg

Lucius Anderson

Lucius Anderson is a student from America who grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. He attended Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Lucius will receive an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in English in December 2023. His honor’s thesis is focused on posthumanism and transhumanism in horror films. After completing his studies at the IUC, he will return to America to attend law school. 

matteo basei .png

Matteo Basei Fantolino

Matteo Basei Fantolino was born in Turin (Italy) in 1990. He graduated in “production and industrial organization” at the E.Agnelli International Technology Institute of Turin. During his high school days, he won a regional school prize for a one-year research project in collaboration with “FPT SpA”, “Teksid Aluminum SpA” and “Fiat Training Academy”. Mr.Basei attained a bachelor’s degree in Economics, specifically in “management of information and corporate communication”, at the School of Business Administration of the University of Turin with a final thesis developed during a period of training in Detroit USA. Mr.Basei studied “Technical and Fundamental Analysis on the International Financial Markets” in the USA and he attended the Executive Master “Leading Digital Transformation: Managing Technology Innovation and People” by EY & the Polytechnic University of Turin. His research interest is spread between “Change Management“, “Adaptive Leadership”, “Serendipity” and “Financial Analysis”. Furthermore, Mr.Basei is a certified “NLP Coach” and “Real Result Coach” and during an intermittent semester of digital nomadism between Buenos Aires, New York, Dubai, Oxford, and San Francisco he started a combined research on “Slow Finance” and Business Coaching.

Mohamed Abdukadir Adan.jpeg

Mohamed Abdukadir Adan

My name is Mohamed Abdukadir Adan. I come from Somalia. In 2019 I studied Bachelor of Economics at Somali National University, located in Mogadishu, Somalia. After the completion of my undergraduate studies, I become lecturer assistant at Somali National University. During this enriching period, I dedicated one year to mentoring and guiding students, sharing my knowledge, and fostering academic growth. Eager to further my knowledge and understanding, I pursued advanced studies, in 2021 enrolling in the Master of Economics and Finance program at Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II in Italy. Furthermore, I am Currently developing my thesis project around foreign aid and its impact on Economic growth in Tanzania. My journey is characterized by a passion for education and an unceasing commitment to the fields of economics and finance. My aspiration is to continue making a positive impact through research, education, and lifelong learning.

Yalda shinwari Photo.jpg

Yalda Shinwari 

My name is Yalda Shinwari. I was born in Afghanistan in 1997. I graduated from Zaman Khill High School with the highest honors. Following my graduation, I worked as a teacher in a private school. In 2017, I embarked on my academic journey at Rana University, where I pursued a degree in Computer Science. During my university time, I also worked as an employee of the Independent Election Commission. I completed my degree in 2021. Subsequently, I had the privilege of serving as an employee at the Department of Combating Administrative Corruption and Land Grabbing at the Presidential Office in Kabul. The Taliban came to power in Kabul on August 15, 2022, and I lost my job and emigrated to Iran.

Mohammad Naeem Hakimi Photo.jpg

Mohammad Naeem Hakimi

My name is Mohammad Naeem Hakimi. I was born in Afghanistan in 1992. I graduated at Zarghon shahr High School with the highest honors. Following my graduation, I worked as a teacher in a private Institute. In 2012, I embarked on my academic journey at Shaikh zayed University, where I pursued a degree in Journalism and public relations. I completed my degree in 2015. After graduating from university, I worked with the Mehwar Mile Weekly, the supporting open media in Afghanistan, and Shamshad TV, from 2016 to 2022. I was Executive manager of the information technology Department of the Presidential Office in Kabul. When the Taliban came to power in Kabul on August 15, 2022, I lost my job and emigrated to Iran.


Sidik Sudi

I am Sidik Sudi from Somaliland. I received my primary education in my hometown Burao, and I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Burao. After completing my bachelor's degree, I worked as a Project Assistant for Food Security and  Livelihood in Burao. A year later, I joined one of the major private general trade companies in Somaliland as an accountant assistant. In 2021, I embarked on my second educational journey at the University of Naples Federico II, pursuing a master's degree in Economics and Finance. My interests include philosophy, poetry, and Somali music. Joining the International University College of Turin is a great step for me to become a better-educated economist and policy professional.

Gabriele Massano IUC CLEF2024.jpg

Gabriele Massano

I am a young geopolitical analyst specialising in scenarios concerning the Middle Eastern and North African area (MENA). In parallel with a solid academic background, I possess hands-on experience of the issues I write about, having travelled around the most disparate parts of the globe and in countries at high risk of political instability. During my academic years, I attended a bachelor’s degree course in “Political and Social sciences” at the University of Turin. After that, I obtained with highest marks a master’s degree in “International Security and Foreign relations” at the University of International Studies of Rome. Finally, I followed a specialization course in “Geopolitical analysis” run by the School of Domino, one of the most prestigious Italian institutions in the sector, from which I acquired an unique analytical toolbox. At the moment, I am travelling the world to fully understand its complexities and process them through my analytical framework, with the purpose of writing some valuable papers and eventually trying to foster effective humanitarian projects in the contexts most in need.

Leo Hennecke

I am Leo from Münster, Germany. I have a BA in International Relations and, currently, I study law at University of Göttingen and Global Political Economy at University of Kassel. I will join the 2024 class at IUC because I am interested in commoning as a prefigurative socio-ecological thought-practice for staying with the trouble of cascading socio-ecological systems failure. During a one-year research fellowship for archival research at University of Oxford and SOAS University of London, I investigated systemic pressures driving the evolution of steamship technology and its impact on British foreign policy in the late 19th century. During my law studies, I worked for the non-profit think tank Stiftung Neue Verantwortung on the implications of new (surveillance) technologies for constitutional rights and democracy. Furthermore, I did internships at the German Foreign Office, a foreign trade association in Berlin and a corporate law firm supporting commoners. I also worked for the Chair of Economic Policy of Prof. Dr. Oliver Serfling as well as for various NGOs. For several years, I have been active in the movement for climate justice and I recently joined the German Commons Institute.

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