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GreenPaths, the IUC, and the way to a just transition

Since October 2023, for 3 years, the IUC is contributing to GreenPaths, a project with the aim to improve the design, governance and implementation of policy strategies, with a particular attention to the European Green Deal, the Fit for 55 package, and the actions funded by the Just Transition Fund and the European Social Fund+.

Among the various issues considered within GreenPahts, the specific IUC's contribution focuses on the green handling of food, land use and agriculture.

GreenPaths started with a broad mapping of policy-impact linkages using existing European and national indicators and databases. This first step is now informing the refinement of an initial analytical framework, which will then be used to conduct a set of 15 strategically selected case studies covering a range of national and regional backgrounds and issues, followed by a thorough analysis of the role of institutional, regulatory and legal mechanisms and structures.

The case studies will generate additional empirical evidence that will contribute to an improved assessment of the relevance and usefulness of current frameworks, tools and indicators. The project will conclude by establishing a permanent research and public information network with the launch of the European Knowledge Hub on Green Transitions.

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