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GreenPaths: Kick-off meeting in Brussels!

Oct 2-3, 2023

The kick-off meeting of GREENPATHS took place in Brussels on October 2-3. GREENPATHS is based on an enhanced understanding of key issues and challenges influencing the transitions and an in-depth review and synthesis of the latest and most relevant research, GREENPATHS will enable the development and adoption of more coherent and effective policy strategies and instruments, furthering the positive outcomes and reducing the negative impacts on environmental sustainability and social well-being. To improve the design, governance and implementation of transition strategies, GREENPATHS pays particular attention to the European Green Deal, the Fit for 55 package, and the actions funded by the Just Transition Fund and the European Social Fund+.

Key objectives include: 1) mapping and explaining links between policies, environmental sustainability and social well-being; 2) identify and assess indicators and tools to analyse interactions between climate interdependencies, environmental sustainability and social well-being; 3) develop systemic, in-depth and innovative understandings of green transition policies and approaches vis-à-vis social impacts and trade-offs; 4) offer new insights into the relevance and significance of institutional, regulatory and legal frameworks affecting the green transitions; 5) produce policy recommendations for desirable changes in European and national policies through a multi-stakeholder backcasting approach and the participatory design of lighthouse projects and facilitate an enhanced civil society-stakeholder-policy dialogue on green transition pathways.

At the Brussels meeting, policymakers, civil society organisations and other relevant stakeholders met to better plan the project activities in an amicable and cheerful atmosphere.

GREENPATHS (grant agreement number 101112305) is a funded project in the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme:

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