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2023 CLEF Class


Manuela Cano | IUC of Turin | International University College of Turin

Manuela Cano

My name is Manuela Cano, I'm from Colombia and I studied Political Science with an emphasis on International Relations at ICESI University, located in the city of Cali. I have worked in governmental and non-governmental organizations, focused on improving governance in my territory since one of my great passions is contributing to sustainable economic, political and social development in my region. Also, I am passionate about law, I’ve worked in American Lawfirms and I actively work to promote justice. By studying the CLEF program at the IUC I seek to develop myself as a professional and directly approach the possibilities of financial development that can be found by studying the phenomena of global capitalism in a comprehensive manner, understanding the plurality of legal, financial and economic issues of our time.

Nibras Abdalbasit  | IUC of Turin | International University College of Turin

Nibras Abdalbasit

Nibras Abdalbasit Subdrat is a Sudanese corporate lawyer, digital legal content creator, director, associate producer, social entrepreneur and financial policy reform advocate. She received her LLB from the University of Khartoum, Faculty of Law, with first-class honours. During her college years, she became the first female president of the law society and the leader of the first team from Sudan to represent the country in the international committee of the Red Cross, IHL competition. She is the founder of the legal instrument app - the first hotline and legal aid app in Sudan and the region. Currently, she is a senior corporate associate at A. Basit Subdrat Advocates and Legal Consultants serving as head of the investment law department. She is a certified commercial arbitrator from the Sudanese arbitration and conciliation center. Nibras works on creating, producing, and directing legal content that focuses on the intersection between law, economics, development, and politics in order to bring about change. She is currently writing a book on the legal lens regarding pop culture, feminism, politics, and everyday life.

Amina Aboulasse | IUC of Turin | International University College of Turin

Amina Aboulasse

I am Amina Aboulasse from Morocco-Casablanca. I am a BA holder in law and an MA holder in political science and sociology. I am a content manager specialist and higher education advisor. My research interests are mainly focused on sociology of law, theology, and feminism in North Africa and Europe.

Catalina Gatica | IUC of Turin | International University College of Turin

Catalina Gatica

My name is Catalina Gatica, I am 25 years old and I was born in Valdivia, Chile. Currently, I am studying Law in Universidad de Chile, aiming towards a specialization in International Humanitarian Law. At the academic level, coordinated various instances of debate and legal analysis around matters pertaining to International Law, and leader of the legal table of H2VEC, a non-profit organization that focuses on developing days of analysis and study of the current energy situation in Chile and the role of Green Hydrogen, along with the development of social projects focused on access to clean energy for the entire population. Furthermore, I am currently developing my thesis project around the International Law of Antarctica and its relation with the effective protection of cetaceans in the area. On a personal level, I consider myself passionate about art, reading and nature. In this sense, I have been developing a portraits e-shop. However, I visualize as my greatest aspiration, to focus my life and professional career on the defense of the Human Rights of refugees.

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