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Right to Housing: Lessons from the Chilean Constitutional Process

In the last few years, as Chile tried to navigate its path to a new constitution, political elites succeeded in preventing structural change. One of the fundamental constitutional issues at stake was the right to housing for all Chileans. Professor Camila Vergara explains here why the recent Chilean constitutional process failed, while remarking the importance and size of the Chilean movement(s) for the right to housing.

Conceived by Ugo Mattei, the conference “I beni comuni / Housing and the Commons. Una soluzione istituzionale innovativa per l'edilizia sociale?” was held in Trento on June 27, 2024, organised by the International University College of Turin, the Coop Generazioni Future, and the Law Dept. of the University of Trento.

Camila Vergara is a critical legal theorist, historian, and journalist from Chile investigating the relation between inequality and the law, and the possible institutional solutions to systemic corruption.

Organized by Generazioni Future and the IUC of Turin, an important conference on common goods and the right to housing was held yesterday in Trento. Among the many excellent contributions, Ugo Mattei chose these two interventions for us!

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