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IUC Clinical Legal Education, Director

Ulrich Stege

Ulrich Stege | IUC of Turin | International University College of Turin

Ulrich Stege is the director of the Clinical Legal Education programme at the IUC and is a qualified lawyer who practices immigration law in Italy. Before joining the IUC, he worked as a legal adviser at European level and was involved in different projects focusing on immigration and asylum law, notably in Europe and Africa. He has participated as an invited speaker and expert panelist to different conferences and international expert groups (mainly on European law, immigration and asylum law, and Clinical Legal Education). Ulrich is a founding and board member of ENCLE (European Network for Clinical Legal Education) and a member of ASGI (Associazione per gli Studi Giuridici sull’Immigrazione), GAJE (Global Alliance for Justice Education), and the Migration Law Network (Germany).

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