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Alessandra Quarta

Alessandro Quarta | IUC of Turin | International University College of Turin

Alessandra Quarta is a Faculty at the IUC, an Affiliate at the Collegio Carlo Alberto, and a Full Professor in the Department of Law at the University of Turin.

Education: Ph.D. in Law, University of Foggia, 2014

Research Interests: Property Law, Contract Law, Consumer Law, Law & Technologies

Teaching: Private Law, Private Law in Digital Markets 

Selected works:

  • Non-Ownership and the Commons: Access and Exclusion in the Life of Communities, in Revue de Sherbrooke, Forthcoming, 2021.

  • Narratives of the Digital Economy: How Platforms Are Challenging Consumer Law and Hierarchical Organization, Global Jurist, 2020.

  • The Turning Point in Private Law. Technology, Ecology, and the Commons, with U. Mattei, Edward Elgar Publ., 2018.

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