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Research Associate

Paula Fraschia

Paula Fraschia  | IUC of Turin | International University College of Turin

Paula Fraschia, an IUC alumnus from Namibia, has spearheaded many arts and cultural initiatives relating to social development, and taught since 2009 various arts in schools from less privileged backgrounds, also extending her arts development program to disabled children at the Walvis Bay Community Centre in Namibia.

Paula holds a degree in the Arts and Political Science from the University of Cape Town, and two Master's degrees, one from Cape Town in Chinese and Commercial Law and a the second from the IUC in Comparative Law, Economics, and Finance. 

Currently, Paula runs in Turin an informal arts organisation called “Danza di Cuore”, where she uses arts to create social platforms for small communities, and where refugees can interact.

Paula is the arts and cultural activities collaborator for the IUC, a lecturer for its law clinic, project co-ordinator for Mosaico Refugees and a committee member for the German Migration Network in Stuttgart.  She has hosted several “Refugee law meets the arts” workshops in Turin, at the University of Milan, at the University Federico II in Naples, for the Migration Network in Germany and for the European Network for Clinical Legal Education (ENCLE).

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