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Research Associate

Carla Landri

Clara Landri | IUC of Turin | International University College of Turin

Carla Landri is a Research Associate in the Clinical Legal Education program at the IUC, following her participation in the Human Rights & Migration Law Clinic as a student on the CLEF program of 2014. In these capacities, she has been an active contributor to a number of CRoM research projects. As a student: the Giudice di Pace Observatory, where she helped develop a case law archive for first-tier judicial reviews of migrants’ rights, and the CIE research project, where she contributed to reviewing the practice of internment in Centers for Identification and Expulsion, for compliance with applicable human rights regulations. As a Research Associate, she has acted as junior researcher in My Mobility Mentor, an EU-funded research project on EU citizens’ right to free movement. At present, Carla also works as legal consultant for a law firm specializing in migration law.

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