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Nina Belyaeva


Nina Belyaeva was a founder and Chair of the Public Policy department at the State University- Higher School of Economics in Moscow and Academic Supervisor of the International Master Program “Political Analysis and Public Policy”, which was taught in English and had Double-Degree with the University of Bologna. She served as a member of the Permanent Panel of Experts on Freedom of Peaceful Assembly of OSCE 2006-2022. Among other appointments, Professor Belyaeva has taught at the universities John’s Hopkins (1992), Georgetown (1993), Cape Town (1994), Bologna (2009), Sarajevo (ERMA -Regional Program on Human Rights, 2010-2019), Torino (2016), Grenoble (2016), Lyon (2017).
Nina Belyaeva holds an LL.M. with distinction in Constitutional Law at Moscow University Law School, an S.J.D. in Theory of Law at the Institute of State and Law Academy of Sciences, Moscow, and a Ph.D. from Torino University School of Law. She was a non-resident fellow at the Center of Strategic and International Studies (CSIS – Washington), 1992, senior fellow in residence in the US Institute of Peace, Washington, 1993, research fellow in residence at the University of Bologna, 2009, member of the Organizing Committee of International Public Policy Association (IPPA), and served as official representative of Moscow HSE University at the European Consortium of Policy Research. 

Nina’s fields of research include legal transplants and policy transfers, comparative policy analysis, global actors and global governance, citizen’s self-organization and protest publics.

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