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Welcome on the Wiki page of the Common Core sub-group on the Property Protection!

Dear all,

During last meeting we introduced some minor changes into the questionnaire. The updated version has been posted on our web page.

You can also find there, under the new entry “National Reports”, the answers which have been received so far. They may be an aid for those of you who are still working on their reports.

I also recommend to follow the instructions posted in “Questionnaire and instructions” regarding the Notes on Style established by Cambridge University Press. They have been attached as an additional file at the end of the document. We should try to respect them as closely as possible.

And just one more thing! Remember that the deadline for submitting reports is September the 30th!!

We wish you a great summer!

July 2010

Dear all,

We want to thank those respondents who helped us to improve the questionnaire with their comments. We took in consideration some of them and modified a little bit the first version of the questionnaire. You will see that some are just phrasing style modifications, others are explanations we introduced in the notes to help you to be more accurate in your answers and finally, in just a few cases, we changed a little the content of the hypo.
We take this version as the definitive before the next common core meeting where the questionnaire may be still be subject to slight changes during the working session with the whole Property group. Nevertheless, we would like to get your answers to this second version within June in order to hang them in our web page.

Peter and I are having some problems getting respondents for France and Switzerland. If any of you can help with this task, we would appreciate to be put in contact with professors or doctorate students specialized in the Property area.

And finally, keep an eye please on the common core web page. The date and information for the next common core meeting has already been posted. Peter and I will try to book at the Roma hotel, which is the closeness of the airport bus and the train station but feel free to book at the hotel that is more convenient for you. Any of those proposed by the common core organization is close to the Congress Centre.

We are looking forward to meet you in Turin!

March 2010

Dear all,

We would like to thank all of you for joining us in this new Common Core project on Immovable Property Protection and very much look forward to the pleasure of getting to know you all at the next common core meeting. This will take place either at the end of June or the start of July 2010. Originally the project was based at the University of Trento in the Italian Alps, from where it moved some of its meetings to Turin, but it may now return to Trento.

For those not familiar with the methodology, we recommend starting with a look at the common core web page (external link) where you can find general information about the project and how to answer the questionnaire. The basic technique is a Schlesinger questionnaire completed according to the different legal systems involved in the project. The latest objective is to publish a book through CUP to match the existing volumes listed on the web page.

In our case, the questionnaire covers mainly actions for the Recovery of Immovables (trespass/vindicatio, adverse possession and injunctions to prevent building). Those of you who attended the first meeting for our project and helped with the drafting will notice that we have deleted chattels completely and focus only on Immovable Protection, along with many minor changes. We enclose the first version of the questionnaire but ask you not to start answering yet. During the initial phase, until the end of 2009, we would like to receive your comments to the hypothetical situations, either in general or more particularly from the perspective of your legal system. In January we will decide whether your comments call for changes and, around March, we will send the final version and ask you to answer by the next common core meeting.

We attach a list of reporters for information but hope by March to have in place a team covering most of the key legal systems of Europe, a total of perhaps 16 or so.

We hope that you will be able to make at next meeting. The only downside is that, as a general rule, there is no funding for travel and hotel expenses, but this project should be relatively easy to fund through research grants; if you are under 35 or come from a new EU member state the organization may offer some financial aid. Otherwise start with the research director of your law school who should know the most likely sources of funds. The event normally lasts 3 days, from Thursday to Saturday. Last year in Turin the cheapest hotel cost just over €100 a night which should give an idea of accommodation costs for grant applications. Turin has an airport and a convenient bus into the city centre. If the meeting is in Trento, it is about an hour by train north of the Verona which has an airport. The date will be posted on the common core web around spring and we will contact all of you as soon as we know any details.

If you have any question, please contact me or Peter. We are looking forward receiving your comments to the questionnaire by the end of 2009.

Best regards,

November 2009

Sonia Martin
University of Cantabria

Peter Sparkes
University of Southampton

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